About Us

Lotus Properties is an Albuquerque based company specializing in managing single family homes, condos and multi-family properties. We are tenant-focused and believe that everyone should have a safe and maintained home to live their lives in.

We search for properties that need extra TLC to be brought back to life and to become a value to its neighborhood.

We currently manage 70 units throughout Albuquerque and are actively looking to add to our portfolio. We strive to find the balance between capital improvements all while providing affordable housing to our valued tenants. We are advocates for our tenants to make sure their needs are heard and their safety ensured. 

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy renting from Lotus Properties. We are with you now in our second apartment. After almost 4 years in the first unit, we waited for the bigger one and moved when it became available. We wanted to stay with Lotus. I was impressed with your thorough renter vetting process. The apartments were clean and are well maintained. The few problems we had were fixed immediately every time by Tino. Frances is so helpful and always available. Its been over 6 years now and we are not going anywhere until we decide to buy.
Torsten R.

Meet Our Team Members

Lorraine Pennington has extensive knowledge gained through hands-on real estate investment and property management experience. She is a native of Albuquerque and has a strong loyalty to the city and its beautiful sunsets. With a clear look into the future, Lorraine brings her enthusiasm, leadership and experience to improving the lives of her residents as much as possible.

Frances & Florentino are responsible for assigning, verifying and confirming incoming maintenance request so that we can get our staff and/or vendors dispatched to the various properties as soon as possible. This wife and husband duo are an integral part of the team as they make sure repairs are done within budget and in a timely manner!

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