Tenant Qualifications

Our screening takes an average of 2 days to process and is streamlined to get you into your new home sooner. Our screening consists of 4 sections.

See below to make sure you qualify today!

Background Screening
Each adult (18 years or older) living in your home will have a background check completed.

    • No prior evictions.
    • No criminal background. See our FAQ for additional details.
    • No big collections.
I really enjoyed my time renting through Lotus Properties. The four-plex I lived in was well maintained, including upgrades to the laundry facilities. The management was always responsive and helpful. 10 out of 10. I would definitely recommend! Thank you for the great service!
Amber H.
Past Resident

Income Screening
Approved applicant(s) will need to show proof of income. 

Credit Review
A review of credit history will be factored in. We understand that sometimes bad things happen and therefore we have policies in place for any student loan or medical bills that are in collections. Big collections will disqualify a tenant, however smaller collections may be negotiated with an additional security deposit or co-signer.

Prior Rental History 

We will verify that you are leaving your current housing situation in good standing. Payments made on time and property left in good condition are factors.

  • If no rental history is available, we may ask for a co-signor or create a solution that satisfies this requiremen

If you meet the requirements, then let's keep the ball moving forward!

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